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Discover our new candles of this season

And choose the candle that suits you!

Turn your spring and summer into a success with our new and inspiring candles and fragrances! Choose the filled glasses with flower prints for a positive and happy home. And do you want a bit of glamour on the table?  If so, choose our latest fading metallic rustic candles. Enjoy our latest fragrances and introduce yourself to our most sensational fragrance experience with Bolsius Aromatic Wax Melts! In short, lots of atmosphere and fragrance experience in our spring and summer collection!

Discover our candles

Experience our most intense fragrances sensation ever

Bolsius introduces Aromatic Wax Melts.

Available in 8 different fragrances which you can mix with each other.

Bolsius Aromatic Wax Melts

Celebrate spring!

With the charming fragrances glasses in our newest floral themes, you can really bring spring into your home.

The glasses not only look really colourful thanks to the flower prints, they also spread a wonderful flower fragrance. For a cheerful ambience, combine these colourful fragrance glasses with our rustic candles in colours specially selected for this season.

Summer days!

Choose your favorite scent

Love is in the air

A delightful fragrance of ripe berries and raspberries, combined with the soft fragrance of roses, cyclamen and jasmine with an undertone of wood and a fresh sprinkling of dewdrops.

Tropical Cooldown

A tropical cocktail of summer fruit, with succulent sweet pineapple, orange and refreshing segments of lemon and lime.

Summer Light

A velvety, warm fragrance of sun-ripened apricot and peach.

Sunny Beach

A summer bouquet of white blossoms, combined with a refreshing salty breeze in a soft blanket of white musk.

What do you think is our most powerful sense?

Did you know that your nose is 150,000 times more sensitive than your eyes and 2,800,000 more sensitive than your ears? Because your nose can detect 1 trillion stimuli! Smell is thus the only sense that is directly linked to our emotion.

And that was the basis for our new Bolsius Aromatic wax melts. Because who wouldn't want to enjoy a fragrance which reflects your emotion at that moment? With Bolsius Aromatic wax melts, you can even create fragrances by mixing them together and you can easily change fragrance during the day.


Bolsius Aromatic Wax Melts

Citronella Garden

Citronella with a spicy twist!

The fragrances of the Provence in your back garden

We combine the well-known scent of citronella with tomato leaf, rosemary and basil. A cheerful combination that fits in perfectly with the ‘edible garden’ and all the wonderful home-made products and meals that go with it. Which one is your favourite?

Enjoy a wonderful summer’s evening

With our new outdoor holder, your candles will stay lit on your table.

Make a summery barbecue extra fun by adding candles to your garden table or garden! Place a few flares along the garden path to welcome your guests, or add some lovely Patio lights to the table for atmospheric lighting. Our new outdoor tea-light holder has been specially designed for effortless use outdoors. Wind and waterproof, and most importantly - the top is shatter-proof! Time to light up the barbecue!

Sparkling Harmony collection