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Bolsius Nederland BV
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Balance connects US

Let’s take time to recharge

Romance connects US

Let’s take time to swoon

Happiness connects US

Let’s take time to enjoy the smaller things in life

Cosiness connects US

Let’s take time to crawl into each other’s arms

New! True Scents, True Moods

With natural extracts, rich blends and pure fragrances

Research shows that 57% of fragrance buyers, don’t buy fragrances when it smells artificial. That’s why we use natural extracts in our collections. More than anything else we connect scents with events. People still underestimate the power of fragrance to which can evoke memories or enhance emotions. With True Scents and True Moods we want to enhance all beautiful moments that people share together. Whether they are cosy, relaxed, romantic or energetic. Because bringing people together for many years is at the core of what our products are meant to inspire.

Discover True Scents, True Moods

Enjoy, relax, find your balance, laugh, recharge, and do it together

With a scent that matches each moment Discover US time

Nothing is more personal than scent

Smell is our most dominant and unique sense. That’s because our sense of smell is in direct connection with the parts in our brain that shape memories and emotions. Scientific research show that the emotions you feel on the moment you smell something for the first time, are inseparably linked to this certain scent. With our fragrance collections, we want to give consumers the opportunity to go back to the moments they cherish the most.



Let nature enchant you

The new Bolsius deco lights are inspired by the enchanting elements of nature.

Falling leaves, dancing snowflakes, colourful skies, a lake shrouded in mist and glamorous moonlight. The unique design of the glass holders and the warm, woody fragrance of “Forest Dream” reinforce memories of a walk in the beautiful and enchanting outdoors.

Enchanting Nature

The force of natural ingredients

In True Moods

For centuries people use products from nature to sleep better, to gain more energy, to relax or for medicinal purposes. And those don’t need to be very rare herbs, most of them you can find in the supermarket!

In our luxurious True Moods fragrances we combine these natural extracts into special blends: high quality fragrances to destress together, recharge or just add something extra to that special moment.

Natural ingredients