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Discover our new candles of this season

And choose the candle that suits you!

Let our autumn and winter collection transport you to enchanting landscapes. Revive memories and enjoy delicious fragrances that you yourself can blend with the Bolsius Aromatic Wax Melts concept. With the festivities of the coming months in mind, we have already blended the ideal fragrance for you, creating Bolsius Aromatic’s Limited Edition.

We are ready for the new season - are you?

Discover our candles

New! Bolsius Accents

A complete range of fragranced candles

Home is the place that we feel the most comfortable. The place where we celebrate the little moments of joy that make us feel so alive.

The collection has an elegant look and feel with 8 sophisticated fragrances. Bolsius Accents is about enjoying a warm, pleasant and comfortable moment for yourself. Each fragrance has its own character and evokes an emotion to ‘make the little things in life a little bit more beautiful’.



Let nature enchant you

The new Bolsius deco lights are inspired by the enchanting elements of nature.

Falling leaves, dancing snowflakes, colourful skies, a lake shrouded in mist and glamorous moonlight. The unique design of the glass holders and the warm, woody fragrance of “Forest Dream” reinforce memories of a walk in the beautiful and enchanting outdoors.

Enchanting Nature

Winter Limited editions

Always have the appropriate fragrance ready for your moment

Snuggle up by the fireplace after an invigorating walk through the autumn forest and enjoy the sparkling scenery outside. Celebrate life with your loved ones at the end of the day. Bolsius has the perfect fragrance for all of these moments.

Winter limited edition

Unique combination of colour and ombre metallic effect.

Warm, stylish and a hint of luxury – these are the characteristics of this Sparkling Harmony collection. Besides neutral basics like white and ivory and the calming colours of pink and taupe, we’ve added a hint of metallic to our candles. The metallic effect has a nice ombre effect, creating a unique combination of colour and metallic. Totally in line with this year’s trends! In combination with a lovely rattan chair and lovely soft sheepskin, you can dream away this autumn!

Besides the rustic candles, the Sparkling Harmony collection also includes filled glasses; robust, transparent glasses filled with coloured wax in the same tints as the rustic candles. Endless combinations!

Winter limited edition