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Discover our new candles of this season

And choose the candle that suits you!

Our new spring and summer collection takes you to tropical beaches, herb gardens and fields full of flowers. This spring and summer, enjoy our colourful candles and new summer fragrances both indoors and outdoors.

We are ready for the new season - are you?

Discover our candles

Experience our most intense fragrances sensation ever

Bolsius introduces Aromatic Wax Melts.

Available in 8 different fragrances which you can mix with each other.

Bolsius Aromatic Wax Melts

Summer Limited Edition

Four summer fragrances that you won't want to miss.

Fragrances to remind you of a perfect summer’s day?
A field of flowers, the salty sea, the setting sun or drinking cocktails on a tropical Island? Our fragrances take you exactly where you want to go.

Citronella Garden

We combine the familiar fragrance of citronella with the herbs of basil, rosemary, or tomato leaf.

A cheerfully coloured collection that fits in perfectly with the ‘edible garden’ and all the wonderful home-made dishes and meals that go with it. 

Enjoy long uninterrupted summer evenings with our special candles with Citronella fragrance and a spicy twist.

Citronella Garden

Allow yourself to drift off with the new ‘Holiday Dreams’ collection

Come away with us, from a tropical beach in the Caribbean to fields of lavender in Provence...
Combined with the right fragrances, the lifelike prints will transport you to exactly wherever you want to go.

A summer with rustic candles

It goes without saying that we prefer to sit outside during long summer evenings. But as the evening starts to cool down, you can make things just as enjoyable inside with our rustic candles with specially selected summer fragrances.

Rustic candles