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Bolsius Nederland BV
Kerkendijk 126
5482 KK Schijndel
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Inspired by those little everyday moments of happiness

Little things that make us smile everyday

Reed diffuser sticks
Reed diffuser 100ml
Scented candle
Scented multi-wick candle
Wax Melts
Wax Melts gift packaging
Diffuser Refill 200 ml

Make your home comfortable, cheerful and warm.

Would you like to relish a fabulous fragrance in your home?
Bolsius Accents are available at department stores and garden centres 
Contact us for more information.

The influence of smell

Smell is our strongest sense, and is connected directly to our brains and to our long-term memories. Did you know that you breathe in and out some 25 times a minute? You don’t even have to consciously experience a smell - if it stimulates your brain, that is enough for you to associate it with an emotion or an event. Smelling your favourite aroma can give your mood a real boost!