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For even more fun with our candles

Read more about the different scents and find out which scent suits you. Or see which color combinations we suggest, so you always put the right style at the table.


The botanical trend is everywhere.

That means lots of green, botanical prints and natural colours and materials in the home! Create a botanical look in your home by combining the right accessories. Think of cushions with botanical textiles, wall decoration with (vintage) prints of plants and combine this with wood or concrete accessories. Add the new metallic candles by Bolsius and the autumn nature glasses to make your Botanical look even more atmospheric.

Discover our latest Aromatic winter fragrance

This classic Hot punch reminds you of that cold winter’s day when you are at home enjoying the warmth and company of family and friends. The Hot Punch warms your hands, while you enjoy the wonderful fragrance. Fruity and spicy with notes of cinnamon, honey, cloves and orange.

How do you put together your favourite fragrance?

A fragrance must match your personality, the moment of the day and the occasion.

Are you looking forward to a nice relaxing afternoon at home on the sofa? If so, combine Vanilla with Baked Apple.  If you’re planning a nice afternoon with friends, choose a mix of exotic Mango and fresh Cranberry! Or are you looking for a fragrance for every day and any moment? Then a mix of flowery and fruity always works! Combine Magnolia with Cranberry for example for a wonderfully fresh fragrance in your home. With the new Bolsius Aromatic Wax Melt fragrances, you can mix endlessly! We’ve listed our favourite combinations for you here.

Your home, your mood, your Aromatic mix.

Right on trend this season

The soft colour of rose quartz is the colour of 2016. Bolsius has a wonderful take on this trend with its sparkling harmony assortment. Combine this trend colour with other pink accessories, so that your interior totally reflects this trend colour.      

Create and dispense your fragrance of choice

Did you know that Creations currently has no less than 30 fragrances in its range? And we expand our range every season with new fragrances, so that you always have new variations. In addition, Creations are easy to dispense because you can divide them into dots. That way, you can make an infinite number of fragrance combinations.

To make sure you not only have the right fragrance but also the right ambience in your home, we have developed a broad selection of burners.

With a wide variety of colours, shapes and functions. View them here and choose your favourite.