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Bolsius Nederland BV
Kerkendijk 126
5482 KK Schijndel
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This is who we are

About Bolsius

When you use our candles for the first time, you discover the unique character of our family business.

This is who we are

Our rich history, which began in 1870, has given our company a solid basis, and with more than 1000 employees we now develop and produce candles in all shapes and sizes, which we then export to more than 50 countries. Thanks to a combination of knowledge, specialisation and entrepreneurship, over the years we have developed a complete range of quality candles in many shapes and sizes.

Bolsius star light moods candles

Our products

Besides this great diversity, we also offer a huge range of sizes and shapes, as well as a very broad colour pallet and range of scents. For example, our rustic candle is available in 8 different variants and in over 30 colours.

Next to the Bolsius retail assortment, we offer a special product line for the caterer: the Bolsius Professional line. This assortment is specially tuned to the specific high demands a professional user sets for candles.

For more information, visit the Bolsius Professional website.



Quality first

Entrepreneurship and innovation are in our DNA. They are characterised by our passion for creating quality products, which can be seen in every candle we make. This is because the creation of a quality candle requires a properly braided wick, the selection of the best possible raw materials, colours and scents, and a carefully assembled combination of all of these elements.

Our quality specialists conduct daily inspections to ensure that all Bolsius candles comply with this professional standard. The is the guarantee that every Bolsius candle is of the highest possible quality. Manufactured from pure raw materials and with optimal burning properties, a solid colour and shape, and minimum smoke and soot levels. And that is why the packaging of your Bolsius candle also displays the RAL logo as proof of this high quality.

Always inspirational

Thanks to our long and rich history as candle makers, we can use the knowledge that we have acquired to manufacture candles that are geared to the wishes and requirements of today. Besides a complete basic range of tea-warmers, rustic candles, table, block and scented candles, we also develop and produce a wide range of trend-related and seasonal products.

Our candles

Current trends

For every season and special moment throughout the year, our specialists are constantly aiming to inspire you with new colours, shapes and scents to give your home a new and updated ambience. We translate current trends in the world of fashion and interiors into new products, resulting in such a broad range that everybody can create their own unique style.


Create your own style

We translate current trends in the world of fashion and interiors into new products, resulting in such a broad range that everybody can create their own unique style.

Do you want to be inspired by our new products? Then view our range here.


Our candles

Our history

Ongoing innovation and enduring attention to quality. The common theme in the history of Bolsius. The Bolsius brothers laid the foundations for the company that exists today back in 1870. They used traditional methods to make candles from beeswax. See our rich history below, and experience how we have grown throughout the years into who we are today.