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Bolsius, fragrance your home

Bolsius Aromatic Wax Melts

Experience the new standard
of a unique fragrance experience.

Do you have visitors? Have you just got out of bed? Are you relaxing on the sofa? Or have you planned a romantic evening? With Bolsius Aromatic wax melts, you have the fragrance to suit the situation. You can choose from an assortment of 8 different fragrances which you can mix with each other. In addition, you can easily change fragrance during the day by simply placing a new fragrance in the burner. Create your own fabulous fragrance by using 2 or 3 wax melts. Then place a 4 hour tea light in the burner and enjoy around 25 hours of your fragrance.

Available fragrances
Fresh Linen
Wild Cranberry
French Lavender
Sugar & Spice
Baked Apple
Burner Ellipse
Burner square
Tealights 4 hours

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