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The force of natural ingredients

In True Moods

For centuries people use products from nature to sleep better, to gain more energy, to relax or for medicinal purposes. And those don’t need to be very rare herbs, most of them you can find in the supermarket!

In our luxurious True Moods fragrances we combine these natural extracts into special blends: high quality fragrances to destress together, recharge or just add something extra to that special moment.

Mango and bergamot
Did you know that mango and bergamot are known for generating energy and spreading positivity? We call that the scent of happiness, spread by reeds or a flame!

Ginger and grapefruit
After a long day of work you can use some extra energy. A little ginger and grapefruit are generating just that. For centuries in Chinese medicine, ginger is known for the positive effect on the human body. And it smells delicious!

Lavender and chamomile
We often use scented products to make our home and ourselves feel good and to relax. Lavender and chamomile are full of etherical oils, with nerve enforcing purposes. They are known for helping with stress, insomnia, nervousness and even headaches!

Green tea and mint
These natural extracts are known for helping you to focus and finding balance. The fragrance of mint helps you to calm down, and is sometimes even stimulating!