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Bolsius Nederland BV
Kerkendijk 126
5482 KK Schijndel
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Bolsius, fragrance your home

Reed Diffusers

A lovely fragrance throughout the house

Bolsius Aromatic reed diffusers continually 
fragrance your home with your favourite scent.

The principle is simple: reed sticks stand in a small, elegant bottle containing scented liquid. The sticks naturally absorb the liquid and then diffuse a wonderful fragrance into your home.
The scented liquid is not alcohol-based and is safe to use. The scent is specially formulated to create fragrances that are intense and pure, just like natural fragrances. The release of the fragrance is easily controlled by using more or fewer sticks.

Available fragrances:
Fresh Linen
Juicy Orange
Velvet Rose
Wild Cranberry
French Lavender
Sugar & Spice
Green Apple
Lily of the Valley
Baked Apple
Exotic Mango

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