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Winter Limited Edition

Winter Limited Edition

Discover our latest Aromatic winter fragrances

Autumn Walk: Discover this rich, natural and woody fragrance, elegantly blended with exquisite flower petals and creamy vanilla.
Home Comfort: Feel the warmth and comfort this fragrance gives. A delicious Oriental vanilla with a mix of spices and woody tones.
Frosted Garden: Enjoy this ‘frosted’ fragrance with rose, jasmine and lily of the valley, combined with amber and white musk and crowned with fresh citrus and a whiff of mint.

Available fragrances
Frosted Garden
Home Comfort
Autumn Walk


Glass 3-wick

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You can perfectly combine these wintery fragrances with other Bolsius Aromatic fragrances at home. For example, the fruity, spicy fragrance of Hot punch in your living room with the soft, sweet fragrance of Vanilla in the bathroom. Or combine the Aromatic Limited Edition fragrances with atmospheric rustic candles. What about our metallic rustic candles in gold to give your home a festive feel? Now you can enjoy Bolsius all over the house.

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