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Bolsius Unity

Bolsius Unity combines an irresistible fragrance experience with stylish design. Inspired by nature the fragrances and colours of the collection will turn your interior into a special place. A unique collection developed in collaboration with Dutch designer Lex Pott. Made with love for people and planet: with natural extracts, vegan wax and no use of palm oil.

Our Bolsius Unity collection:
Glass scented candle small
Glass scented candle medium
Glass scented candle large, 3-wick
Reed diffuser

Our Pure Serenity fragrances:

Dream of Lightness

A subtle blend of pure extracts of floral jasmine and soft musk gives Dream of Lightness a powdery, but fresh character. Like a fresh shower after a hot day: extremely serene, comfortable, fresh and soft.

Moment of Purity

Create the ultimate homely feel! White flowers such as jasmine, freesia and lily-of-the-valley, together with delicate rose, tones of cedar wood and musk, create the soft and comfortable perfume of Moment of Purity.

Kiss of Cotton

The freshness of newly washed sheets with a bit of spring breeze coming in: that's what Kiss of Cotton reminds you of. A sparkling, pure and refreshing fragrance with light floral tones of peony, rose petals and a hint of musk.

Touch of Softness

The exhilarating mix of slightly sweet and delicate rose petals, pink peony with ripe peach and fresh lychee make Touch of Softness a playful and inviting perfume with a slightly powdery accent.

Our Poppy Delight fragrances:

Crazy Berries

Crazy Berries is a real fruit bomb with its juicy red fruits, including sweet cherries, aromatic raspberry and ripe blackcurrant, all wrapped in sweet almond and soft musk. Just like a sultry summer day in August: relaxing, fruity, rich and intense.

Holy Grape

Fresh, ripe fruits on a platter of young, fragrant blossoms. Holy Grape embodies a refreshing combination of sumptuous, sweet red grapes, fresh red apple and juicy mandarin resting on the soft undertones of jasmine, amber and a hint of vanilla. A real feel-good fragrance!

Funky Caramel

The intense aroma of espresso, caramel toffee, roasted almond and hazelnut mixed with creamy coconut milk and chocolate all give Funky Caramel its instantly recognisable character. Easy like Sunday morning: relaxed and really persuasive!

Poppy Orange

The pungent and energetic fragrance of sweet, juicy orange with a hint of clove and vanilla, refined with the light floral softness of amber and patchouli. Poppy Orange equals instant happiness!

Our Depth of Nature fragrances:

Drops of Rain

Drops of Rain embodies a warm, luxurious and inviting fragrance owing to its combination of dark cedar, spicy cinnamon, red wine and amber that appeals to the senses. Combine that with the fresh, fruity accent of apple and citrus, and a classic fragrance with a refreshing twist is what you get.

Velvet Blossom

Create a lavish, luxury feeling at home and experience a rich fragrance experience that appeals to the senses. Green top tones of classic rose and patchouli resting on dark cedar and soft amber tones give Velvet Blossom its earthy and mysterious character.

Forest Wandering

Forest Wandering is a true ode to nature! Experience the enticing oriental blend of lush flowers, such as ylang ylang, orange blossom and jasmine, resting on the undertones of sandalwood, soft patchouli and a hint of musk.

Goddess of Nature

Bring a bit of mystery to your interiors. Pure extracts of smoky agarwood, delicate rose, patchouli and a hint of red and black pepper give Goddess of Nature its spicy, mysterious and titillating perfume.