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Bring the glow of nature home with our renewed rustic candles

Rustic candles

A misty layer above the grass, a stunning sunset, a colorful butterfly that pops up out of the blue. While nature’s beauty is not headline news, we can’t help wondering about it. Our new rustic candles are inspired by the colors and textures of nature. Free from palm oil or animal fat, they’re made with a plant-based wax from Europe and a fairtrade cotton wick. On top of that, our renewed rustic candle now burns even longer.

Available colors
misty pink
soft pearl
honeycomb yellow
suede brown
velvet red
frosted lavender
foggy green
Rustic candle 80/68
Rustic candle 130/68
Rustic candle 190/68
Rustic candle 100/50
Rustic candle 100/100
Rustic ball candle

Honeycomb yellow

Like warm honey dripping across textured honeycomb, this ochre-yellow candle will bring a warm glow to any space.

Suede brown

This colour is inspired by the feel of soft suede and the color of autumn leaves.

Frosted lavender

Like lavender on a cold winter day, even when covered by snow this deep purple-grey colour stands out.

Velvet red

Smooth like velvet, deep red like beetroot. The crimson red colour warms your home, like the touch of velvet on your skin.

Foggy green

This colour is like a forest walk on a foggy day. From the deep green woods, it brings a touch of mystery to your table.

Soft pearl

We love the shimmer of a pearl, silky and smooth, it combines effortlessly with every other colour.

Misty pink

This dreamy pink adds a touch of softness to every room.