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Enjoy our fragrances

True Scents

From all time favourite classics to new trendy scents: our True Scents collection offers a fragrance to everyone. With natural extracts and the usual high quality Bolsius standard. Do you like our creamy vanilla, the lovely magnolia or the fruity pomegranate? 

We've selected these True Scents for you
green tea
fresh cotton
oud wood
apple cinnamon

Our True Scents products
Fragranced glasses small (50/80)
Fragranced glasses medium (63/90)
Fragranced glasses large (95/95)
Fragrance diffusers
Fragranced tealights
Fragranced maxilights
Ribbed pillar candles
Wax melts
Wax burner ellips
Wax burner square


An absolute classic! With the soft fragrance of magnolia, white flowers and a hint of musk, you'll be imagining yourself in a field of flowers on a lovely summer's eve.  


A unique, exotic fragrance of juicy mango that reminds you of a marvellous tropical vacation. Nice and fruity, fresh and sweet!


An absolute fruit bomb! The fragrance of juicy pomegranate and sweet red berries is refreshing and especially suitable for summers.

Green Tea

Discover this new fragrance combining aromatic fresh green tea leaves and a hint of bergamot. An invigorating fragrance that will help you to relax. 

Fresh Cotton

The pure freshness of white cotton blossom is what gives Fresh Cotton its crisp, clean scent. It will remind you of freshly laundered cotton sheets hung outdoors to dry in the fresh air.

Oud Wood

The new Oud Wood fragrance is lux and manly. The dark and warm Oud Wood has a smoky, woody perfume for a sensual fragrance experience within the comfort of your own home.


Fill the room with the somewhat sweet, creamy fragrant taste of vanilla with a dash of caramel. An inviting fragrance for a comfortable and sublimely relaxed homely feeling.


The fresh perfume of flourishing lavender will help you relax. This aromatic lavender fragrance will take you to the Provence on a summer day.

Apple Cinnamon

A recognisable fragrance that reminds you of fresh home-baked apple pie fresh out of the oven. You'll immediately create a warm and cosy homely feeling with this warming mix of apple and cinnamon.