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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question?

We’d be happy to answer it.

Below, we’ve listed the most frequently-asked questions from our customers. Is your question not on the list? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us.



It’s very important to use our candles properly so that you can get the most out of them. For example, did you know that you should always place our rustic candles at least 10 centimeters from each other to prevent them from leaking? 

How do I remove wax stains from the table, furniture or textiles?

First remove any loose pieces of wax by hand. Then lay a sheet of kitchen paper on the remainder of the wax stain and run over it with a hot iron. The candle wax will stick to the kitchen paper.  If the stains are on a smooth surface, a hair-drier is an effective way of melting the candle wax. You can then remove it with kitchen paper.

What do I need to bear in mind when I want to burn several candles alongside each other?

It is important to make sure there is a sufficiently large distance between the candles (at least 10 cm). Always burn the candles in a suitable holder or on a fire-resistant coaster.

Must the label on the bottom of the rustic candle be removed before lighting the candle?

No, the so-called bottom label of the candle does not need to be removed.

Must the label around the rustic candle be removed before lighting the candle?

Yes, the label should be removed before using the candle.

Do I have to use all fragrance sticks at the same time?

The strength of the fragrance is made for the eight sticks. If the fragrance is too strong for you, you can always use less sticks. This way the fragrance will be less intense.

Must I rotate the fragrance sticks every day in order to distribute the scent properly?

It is not necessary to rotate the sticks. The quality of the sticks in our reed diffusers is so good that they distribute a lovely scent in your home for several weeks.

Range of Bolsius products

We supply a huge variety of candles in many different shapes, sizes, colours and fragrances. For every occasion and for every season. The following are the most frequently-asked questions about our range of products. 

What can you do if you are not satisfied with our products?

Every day, we are constantly working to innovate and improve our products. Quality and safety are top priories for us. In the unlikely event that our candles do not meet your expectations, we would kindly ask you to fill in the complaints form. Our consumer service departement will then contact you as soon as possible.

Do you have any tips or suggestions?

We want our users to enjoy our candles as much as possible. That is why we welcome your tips and suggestions. You can use the contact form on our website to share your tips or suggestions with us. Our consumer service department will then contact you as soon as possible.

Where can you buy Bolsius candles?

Our candles are available all over the UK in many sales outlets, such as independent retailers, department stores and garden centres. Bolsius can also be purchased online in more and more webshops.

If you are unable to find our candles or if you are looking for a specific candle, please contact our consumer service department, which will be happy to help you.

What does the Bolsius range include?

We have a suitable candle for every occasion and for every location in your home. Our range is divided into scented and unscented candles and candles for the corporate (professional) user.

View our complete range here.


Safety is a top priority for us. That is why all our candles display symbols that explain how to use the candle correctly. 

Which are the most suitable candleholders/tealight holders for burning candles and tealights?

It is very important that the holders are manufactured from non-flammable materials and that there is a sufficiently large distance (at least 10 cm) between the candles. For a tealight holder, it is important that the heat generated by the burning tea-warmer can escape. The holder should therefore not be closed.

Our accessories have been carefully designed to allow our candles to burn optimally and to comply with all safety regulations. Our accessories are available in different types, shapes and materials. You can view them here.

Why are memorial lights only suitable for burning outside?

Our memorial lights are intended to be lit once so that they can then burn continuously. Because it is not possible to keep watching the candle all the time, the chance of fire and its consequences is reduced considerably when the candle is burned outside. Always make sure that you do not place the candle in the immediate surroundings of flammable materials.

Should I put out candles when I leave the room?

Yes, a burning candle may never be left unattended. Candles burn with a naked flame so there must always be somebody nearby.

What is the best way to put out a candle?

The best way to put out our candles is with a candle snuffer, which you should hold over the wick as far as the liquid wax. The wick then stops burning without an afterglow, it doesn’t break off and it is covered with new candle wax for the next time you light the candle.

Never put out a candle with water!


Need further help?

You can contact Bolsius in a number of different ways. We are open on working days between 8.30 a.m. and 5 p.m. On our contact page you have a choice: you can telephone us, you can send us an email or you can fill in the contact form so that we can contact you.

I am interested in applying for a job at Bolsius

Every day at Bolsius, we work with around 1400 professionals who are passionate about developing our candles. Thanks to our continuous growth, we are always looking for new talent to add to our team. Please contact our HR department for more information.

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