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Create the perfect atmosphere with Bolsius Professional candles

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How to make a '2 meter restaurant' atmospheric?

These are crazy times and despite the fewer tables, the personal distance and the plastic screens, we do what we love to do: pamper our guests and let them enjoy the ultimate hospitality atmosphere.

But how do you make sure that you keep the atmosphere in a '2 meter restaurant'. With less occupied tables, 2 meters away, with likely used plastic screens will be different than before. It is then all the more important to do something about the atmosphere.

Recent research shows that candlelight with a real flame contributes the most to the atmosphere in a restaurant, according to 86% of all catering guests.

70% of those surveyed find candlelight relaxing with a real flame. Guests rate their hospitality visit higher if there is candlelight and almost 60% of those surveyed say they want to stay with a candle on the table.

For example, place a set of high and low candles on the empty tables in your shop to create a warm, intimate and inviting atmosphere.

Create the perfect atmosphere with Bolsius Professional's collection.

A flame for extra atmosphere

'They literally give warmth, radiate romance and the flickering effect of the real flame is irresisitble. You can't copy that.'

-Priscilla den Ouden - co-owner In de Waag

Let's bring the extraordinary to the table

In our assortment, we offer various holders which reflect your personal style and are suitable for our candles.

Our smooth pillar candles look gorgeous on a long table. Combine these with our tealights for an extra festive effect.

Our table candles provide an added dimension to a lovely evening out. Place a candle on the table for a romantic effect or several tall candles in various holders for a fresh modern look.


Interested in what type of candle best suits your business?

irresistible experience

With excellent quality, using premium materials and aim for maximum performance standards, you can easily create the best atmosphere possible. On top of that, we ensure a fragrance free and clean burning of our collections.

social responsibility

We do everything to produce our collections the fairest way possible with love for people and planet. Our candles are produced in Europe without animal fat.

mission green

We are conscious about our ecological footprint. We would like to keep it as small as possible and the vibes happy. We use recycled and recyclable materials as much as possible.

Create a perfect ambiance with the golden cups of Bolsius Professional

Stand out with our golden cups and make your tables extra special.

We promise odorless tealights with a beautiful flame, steady burning behaviour and a reliable buring time. We produce our collections with great care for people and planet. Therefore our tealights are sourced and produced in Europe without any animal fat.