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Combine convenience and style

Create your personal style

Candles enable you to quickly and easily create a personal style for any interior.

In our assortment, we offer various holders which reflect your personal style and are suitable for our candles.

Smooth pillar candles look gorgeous on a long table. Combine burgundy red candles with glass tealight holders on a copper coloured plateau for a festive effect.

Table candles provide an added dimension to a lovely evening out. Place 1 candle on the table for a romantic effect or several tall candles in miscellaneous holders for a fresh modern look.


Interested in what type of candle best suits your business? Contact us for obligation-free advice.

Try ReLight today and experience its easy to use

The Refill is easy to put into the holder. It burns for 24 hours, giving save and ambiance-enhancing light. 

Refills are relightable and easy to replace.