Enjoy hours of light

Our pillar candles are great for combining with rustic household candles in order to create a striking table arrangement or an impressive play of light at the bar. With their large flame and soft light, they bring atmosphere to your business premises.

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Put something different on the table

Pillar candles bring a warm atmosphere to every interior. Pillar candles are available in different heights and diameters.

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Easy to relight

Pillar candles provide long burn times and are easy to relight evening after evening.

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Pillar candles are available in various sizes

98/48 mm – tray 20

78/58 mm – tray 12

118/58 mm – tray 12

128/58 mm - tray 12

128/68 mm – tray 12

168/68 mm – tray 12

198/68 mm - tray 12

148/78 mm – tray 6

And in four timeless colours





The right style for any interior

A cosy atmosphere at the table thanks to real candlelight

Use several candles on a bigger table

Create more atmosphere during brunch or lunch

You can decorate your interior on any surface with pillar candles

Interested in what type of candle best suits your business?