Bring a magical atmosphere to your business

Floating candles provide an interesting and alternative way of adding a lighting accent to your business premises. The reflection of bright flames in water helps you to create a magical atmosphere.

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The perfect flame

Bolsius Professional tealights and floating candles provide reliable burn time, a beautiful flame and they leave a minimal residu. The burn time of the tealights is indicated by clear colour coding. 

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Safe in use

As well as our steady burning behaviour and our beautiful flame, the candles are easily relightable and don't soot, due to our high quality wicks.

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Complete assortment with a burning time of 4, 6, 8 and 10 hours

Theelichten - 4 uur brandduur - 100 stuks in zak

Tealights – 4 hours bag 100

Theelichten - 6 uur brandduur - 100 stuks in zak

Tealights – 6 hours bag 100

Theelichten - 8 uur brandduur - 90 stuks in zak

Tealights – 8 hours bag 90

Theelichten - 10 uur brandduur - 40 stuks in zak

Maxilights – 10 hours bag 40

Drijfkaarsen - 4  uur brandduur - 30 stuks in koker

Floating candles – 4 hours tube 30

Endless combinations

Use our accessories to burn our candles safely:
Bolsius glass holder tealights square

Tealight holder Square

Maxilicht holder square

Tealight holder oval

Tealight holder 2 in 1

The right style for any interior

Tealights and floating candles are favourite products in the hospitality industry.

When combined with a decorative holder, tealights are perfect for using on tables or on the bar.

Light a 4-hour tealight each time new clients are seated at a table for a personal, welcoming gesture.

Create the 'wow' feeling and combine with gold coloured accessories

With their larger size, maxi lights are real eye-catchers for your interior

Interested in what type of candle best suits your business?