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The perfect atmosphere for every occasion

Decorative glasses can be used outdoor & indoor and are available in various colours and burn times. The perfect product for enhancing the atmosphere in your business premises.

Enjoy hours of candle light

Our glass candles are known for their long buring times and steady burning behaviour. The Startlight burns for 50 hours and the Twilight even longer: 70 hours. 

Endless combinations

Our glass candles are available in a wide range of contemporary designs and trendy colours, with an industrial look and feel.

There are various types of decorative glasses

Starlight - 50 hours

Twilight - 70 hours

Available in the following colours:

Twilight transparent
Twilight white
Twilight amber
Twilight red
Twilight fuchsia
Twilight seagreen
Twilight turquoise
Twilight blue
Twilight purple
Twilight lime
Starlight transparent
Starlight red

The right style for any interior

Atmospheric glasses are favourite products in the hospitality industry

Twilight is an ideal atmospheric light that will burn for 70 hours.

Change the style from time to time by introducing colour accents.

Bring atmosphere and character to every table.

Available in a large variety of colours

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