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Nice bright flame

Rustic candles have a long, reliable burning time and a beautiful flame. This way your guests can enjoy the ambiance of your place even longer.


Choose a colour with our rustic candles

Rustic candles are very decorative thanks to their beautiful shape and colours. They are easy to combine with other candles and accessories. 



Follow the latest trends

Our rustic candles are available in various shapes and sizes. Combine our rustic table candles and pillar candles and adjust the colour based on the season or the latest trends.


Rustic candles are available in 3 sizes

130/68 – tray 6

190/68 – tray 6

270/23 - box 16

And in the following colours

Rustic pillar candle white
Rustic pillar candle ivory
Rustic pillar candle wine-red
Rustic pillar candle taupe
Rustic pillar candle anthracite
Rustic pillar candle purple
Rustic pillar candle lime
Rustic table candle white
Rustic table candle soft pink
Rustic table candle ivory
Rustic table candle amber
Rustic table candle taupe
Rustic table candle anthracite
Rustic table candle red
Rustic table candle wine-red
Rustic table candle purple
Rustic table candle olive green

Combine with other items for a festive table

Available in various colours, so there's always a colour that matches your business

Rustic table candles inspiration. Create an eyecatcher

Choose any colour and vary with our rustic candles

Combine our rustic candles with these items:

Would you like to know what type of candle is best for you? Please contact us for some free advice.