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Dinner by candlelight

Tapered and table candles enhance stylish interiors and heighten the atmosphere at a formal table. Using them is a hospitable gesture that will make your valuable guests feel really welcome.

Add atmosphere to your table

Tapered candles look stylish and add a touch of elegance to any table.

Easy to use and extremely decorative

Table candles can be used in most holders and are easy to relight. They burn with a large flame and provide a soft, warm glow.

Bolsius professional offers various types of tapered and table candles

Bistro candles – 180/21,3 mm - box 45

Bistro candles long - 290/22 mm box 50

Crown candles - 200/24 mm - box 60

Crown candles - 240/24 mm - box 24

Tapered candles - 240/23 mm - box 100

Tapered candles - 250/24 mm - box 30

Dinner candles - 240/22 mm - box 136

Available in the following colours:

Tapered candle white
Tapered candle taupe
Tapered candle red
Tapered candle winered
Tapered candle black
Bistro candle white
Bistro candle ivory
Bistro candle long white
Bistro candle long ivory
Crown candle white
Crown candle ivory
Dinner candle white
Dinner candle ivory

Use our accessories to burn our candles safely

Candle holder 2 in 1

Alumimium candle fittings

Square candle holder

Gas lighter refillable

The right style for any interior

Dinner candles provide atmosphere in many different situations.

Reinforce the chic image of your interior

Try stylish table candles in the colour taupe

Besides tables, you can also decorate your interior with table candles

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Besides table candles we offer various other products suitable for every occasion

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