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Bolsius Nederland BV
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Our products

Rustic candle 80/68
Rustic candle 130/68
Rustic candle 190/68
Citronella patiolight
Citronella tealights

Citronella with a hint of pepper


Also new is our nicely fragrant and less tangy citronella candle. Thanks to the use of natural 'Timur pepper' extract, it has a much milder fragrance. Timur berries look like peppercorns and smell surprisingly fresh. Traditionally, they are used as a flavouring and are known for their citrus fragrance.

Theo-Bert Pot knows how to create a summer proof interior. In this joyful styling workshop he creates surprising combinations with the rustic candles from the Bolsius Summer collection. He shows how to style your room with maximum impact and minimum effort. A ‘green’ look with summer colours. Doesn’t that make you happy?

Theo-Bert: “By combining these fresh candles with plants, flowers and interesting items you can create a totally different ambiance.”

With love for people and planet

With the Bolsius summer collection, you add a little magic to endless summer evenings. Whether indoors, in the garden or on the balcony. The fact that our collection is made with love for people and the planet is literally reflected in the trend colours: coral refers to the Earth, the blue to the sky and the sea green to the ocean. This collection is also free from palm oil, plastic and animal fat. But it does contain European rapeseed oil, vegan wax, reused glass, a cotton wick and minimum packaging. We're going for green this summer

Mission Green

Mission Green icon

People and planet are the most precious things we've got. That's why we don't use palm oil, and all of our wax comes from Europe.

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We value everything that's living. Therefore, we say goodbye to animal fat, hello to plant based wax. We use either rapeseed, olive or sunflower oil.

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60% of all glass we use is recycled. The other 40% is recyclable. Cheers to that!

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There is way too much plastic on Earth. That's why we avoid plastic as much as possible.

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Mother Nature knows best. For that reason, we try to minimize artificial scents and use natural sources for our fragrances.